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Please read our rules before posting
:: - No Profanity (Insults, Cursing, etc.)
:: - No Flaming.
:: - No Spamming (PMs included too and also avoid the "look at my signature" phrase).
:: - Respect Other Members.
:: - Read Each Board's Guidelines.
:: - You could post in Bahasa Indonesia, but english is appreciated
:: - Referral Links are allowed ONLY in your Signature
:: - You're allowed to post a maximum 4 referral links in your signature but don't put banner in it.
:: - Do not create threads or PM members asking for payment processor exchanges.
:: - Do not abuse the "Report to moderator" button. This includes but is not limited to spamming reports, creating false or misleading reports, reports with no relevance or if it's used in any other way including trying to get a moderators attention or asking questions
:: - Do not attempt to deceive others on purpose for personal gain. This includes but is not limited to lying about facts of a site to get referrals.


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